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Samples      (Author of AZZ Cardfile is not responsible for contents of the sample files)
- version 3 file format. Open it with AZZ Cardfile 3.0 or later.
Sermon Illustrations  (678 KB) September 29, 2005.
Nick Migliacci
137 Sermon Illustrations.
Inspirations  (233 KB) August 29, 2005.
over 400 cards for inspiration and encouragement to friends and family.
LY (64 KB)  Updated: March 21, 2005,
Antanas Zdramys LY1DL
Lithuanian radio amateurs callbook (Lithuanian version).
New World Reciepes  (34 KB) February 23, 2005.
Cheers Dave (Merlin)
a bunch of recipes from NZ and around the World
Songs - by Singers (Authors Unknown)  (451 KB) January 26, 2005.
Gaia Thyangboche Namiste
917 songs lyric
Canine Treats  (223 KB) March 8, 2004.
Carol Southard
300 recipes for Dog Treats that you can make yourself...
Cooking  (82 KB) November 5, 2003.
Greg Wheat at Muddy Waters Aquatic Nursery
Recipes from around the world, cooking tips etc. 175 cards.
Computer World jokes   (58 KB) August 5, 2003.
Luciano Salvato
41 classic and new computer related jokes.
Verses   (312 KB) April 25, 2003.
Darleen Araujo
I am submitting an AZZ Cardfile that I have been completing ever since you started this wonderful program. It now contains over 2000 verses for cards.
Roger's Music   (140 KB) January 07, 2003.
Roger & Juanita Vick
Over 450 songs and poems.
Shakespeare's Macbeth   (86 KB) December 19, 2002.
Rick Ferguson
It contains the entire play on the first card, then each act/scene on subsequent cards.
Gifts in a Jar   (22 KB) November 01, 2002.
This is a collection of recipes for Jar Gifts like you see you see for sale at craft shows and specialty shops. No need to pay the high price these trendy and popular mixes carry. All it takes are just a few basic ingredients, a home made card with instructions, and a small flourish of creativity and you can make them yourself!
Canti Goliardici   (102 KB) October 20, 2002.
Salvato Luciano
78 Italian songs.
Bible reference   (32 KB) October 18, 2002.
Donnie McIlwain
A large (1150 card) index of Biblical\Theological topics with their coverage in many of today's most reputable books on the subject. Contains books and magazines/periodicals along with a few misc. media formats.
Sprueche   (13 KB) October 3, 2002.
F. Bänziger, Switzerland
Collection of German quotations. 150 cards.
Bath and Body recipes   (148 KB) August 21, 2002.
Kim Adams
"This is something I have been compiling the last few years through email groups that I belong to and an occasional website. There are some great recipes here."
115 cards.
Torani Recipe Gallery  (16 KB) June 23, 2002.
Torani Syrup
100 original Torani Syrup recipes.
PC Tech Tips (1.40 MB)  Updated: June 18, 2002.
David Weaver
Version 42. Tones of usefull "how to", including Windows XP tips. Over 1500 cards. The old tips remain and many new ones were added.
Winemaking  (124 KB) June 6, 2002.
Rachel Tylor
210 Wine recipes with nice comments and detail descriptions.
English-Portuguese dictionary (13 KB)  May 30, 2002.
667 words and phrases.
Thoughful things (64 KB)  March 24, 2002.
Pat Empson
Here is another collection of advice, sayings, poems, etc. that I have gathered from various friends and places. I titled it "Thoughtful" and hope you find it interesting.
Yarn Shop Websites (5 KB)  March 24, 2002.
Pat Empson
Here is a group of cards I've done for websites for yarn and knitting shops, primarily of interest to women of course
Healthfood (8 KB)  March 22, 2002.
Keith W Taylor
Foods Which Contain Natural Medication
Lamour (30 KB)  March 22, 2002.
Keith W Taylor
Books written By Louis L'Amour, possibly the best western writer known. 122 cards.
Chocolate (265 KB)  February 28, 2002.
Bunny C. Kaplan
168 Good Chocolate Recipes.
Fitness (594 KB)  February 28, 2002.
Miervaldis Silis
154 cards about fitness: rules, tips, strategies. With illustrations.

Linux Help (222 KB)  February 16, 2002.
Mostafa Hosni Mohammed
Linux help and FAQ cards from various sources. 9 large cards.
Aromatherapy and essential oils (24 KB)  February 08, 2002.
This guide is designed to give as much information as possible about Essential Oils and Aromatherapy; one particularly important aspect when using oils is safety. The following guidelines should be observed at all times when using essential oils (the extracted substance or the essence of real plants). 133 cards.
Diane's Restaurant Guide (219 KB)  Updated: February 08, 2002.
Sample with large Excel sheets.
Buffy guide (33 KB)  Updated: February 08, 2002.
Marie Braden
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode guide up to 6x16. 116 cards.
Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List (81 KB)  November 22, 2001.
D. J.
The original text was on my Win2k CD and it was just too lengthy to skim up and down the list, even with an enhanced Notepad program like NotePad+. So I just cut and paste the whole darn thing to AZZ.
Humor For Women (103 KB)  November 17, 2001. 
Mostly for women but surely to be of interest to many.
General  recipes (1.83 MB)  November 11, 2001
Tim Makepeace
Largest cookery database. Over 4000 recipes and other useful info.
Aga recipes (541 KB)  November 11, 2001
Tim Makepeace
Over 1000 recipes and other useful cookery info.
Not part of General recipes (above).
Electronics (284 KB)  November 11, 2001
Tim Makepeace
Over 2300 electronic related cards.
Herbs (250 KB)  July 16, 2001
Information provided is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, or injury and is provided for informational purposes only. Always consult a medical doctor, or other alternative medical practitioner when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury, or before attempting a traditional or folk remedy. Keep all products away from children. As with any natural product, they can be toxic if misused. Over 130 cards.
DJOD (52 KB)  February 23, 2001
Dirty Joke Of the Day. 142 cards.
PALS Cookbook (166 KB)  December 30, 2000
Barb G.
Cookbook compiled from contributions on the Print Artist Lover's (Pals) lists. Over 500 recipes
Christmas (35 KB)  December 11, 2000
Over 100 recipes and Christmas ideas.
LY-eng (35 KB)  Updated: November 20, 2000
Antanas Zdramys LY1DL
Lithuanian radio amateurs (English version).
Phobias (16 KB)  November 14, 2000
Will Oestreich
593 definitions of different phobias: from ablutophobia (fear of washing or bathing) to Zoophobia (fear of animals) .
ASCII art tutorial (20 KB)  October 18, 2000
Jonathon Oglesbee
Three cards only, but author will send more later.
BirdTreats (51 K)  September 14, 2000
Cindy Henry
This file is 182 cards of recipes for feeding your domestic birds. It contains recipes for all types of birds including a few for wild birds. This information was gathered from the different news groups and web sites.
Cocktails (9 K)  August 3, 2000
Dave Millard
Over 120 cocktail recipes.
Tips de Windows (63 K)  May 14, 2000
Ing. Rodolfo Zapata Q.
Over 350 MS Windows tips in Spanish.
PSP Tips (38 K)  April 8, 2000
Glenda Burchett
Tips for Paint Shop Pro.
Old Testament (148 K)  March 20, 2000
Robert Walker
The first three books of the Old Testament.
Chansons (274 K)  March 4, 2000
Lucien Royere
Over 500 French and English songs.
Provencal poems (55 K)  December 18, 1999
Duca Lucifero
Beautifully made collection of medieval poetry.
Nel corso del 2000 conto di riversare qui (oltre che nel web) tutti i brani in mio possesso in moda da realizzare la più completa antologia elettronica a tutt'oggi esistente in net. Se le dimensioni del file diventeranno tali da render necessario il frazionamento in più "volumi" lo scoprirò più avanti per ora questa è la prima edizione della mia antologia di poesia provenzale, successivamente realizzerò antologie di testi latini, minne e trouvieres, si da dar vita ad un vero "scaffale" di poesia medievale.
Christmas Recipes (43 K)  December 18, 1999
Margaret Sims
125 detail Christmas Recipes.
Drinkmaster (54 K)  December 18, 1999
It's a bartenders guide. 1073 records, with extended history information of most of the major liqueurs.
Cool Mailing Lists (106 K)  December 4, 1999
Algimantas Litvinas
The file could be called also "Brilliant Musings from the Enlightened One". It contains 258 tips on email lists. The tips come into my mailbox daily one by one. As it is said by Glenn McDonald the contributor in other tip, "Really a mailing list about mailing lists. (If you think about that long enough, you'll get a headache)". Just download it, and you will see what it looks like!
Basic Dutch (7 K)  November 13, 1999
Paul Kistel, PhD
The file is Basic Dutch vocabulary. I am learning Dutch and these are the basic words I have found in various vocabulary lists and the exercises I use in beginning Dutch texts. I am already fluent in written German, and other users with this ability should find Dutch no very difficult language to acquire, at least on the level of reading letters, business documents, and news reports.
Sameriver (6 K)  November 4, 1999
Algimantas Litvinas
Movies list (Titles in English and Lithuanian).
Tips (59 K)  November 4, 1999
Bunny Cherish Kaplan
Here's is an AZZ file I have compiled of TIPS for MSOffice, Windows95/98,
MS Publisher, etc., using tips from various sources, mostly TIPWORLD. 
Glosario (25 K)  November 4, 1999
Fernando Herenu
Marketing and advertising expressions in Spanish.
Best of the Web (7 K)  September 10, 1999
FD Cox
189 cards with links.
Poems (16 K)  August 31, 1999
Poems to Inspire by Nick Kenny.
Jokez (208 K)  August 7, 1999
Svein Helge Urdal
Over 300 funny jokes (not censored).
Countries (8 K)  July 22, 1999
John Graham
Brief facts about the World countries.
Murphy's Laws (11 K) June 7, 1999
Alistair Scott
I have used it to sort out my collection of 'Murphy's Laws'. These are laws of the Universe which are familiar to everybody, but are never studied formally. Nor are they mentioned in textbooks of physics, engineering, medicine, psychology, etc. Scientists, publicly, will state that these laws don't exist, are a load of rubbish, are unprovable ... that they are a lot of nonsense. But secretly they believe in them just as much as anyone else.
Amusements and Museings (270 K)  April 27, 1999
Damon Guy
This file has nearly 250 cards of humorous amusements and wise comments and musings. All of these are a part of the office sub-culture of modern business. All were found in offices or places of work, or are of the type frequently found in such places. The opening card gives a more detailed description.
Elements (9 K)  April 7, 1999
Don Coffman
This file will be of interest to engineers and chemists. This card file is the periodic table of the (103) elements and their physical properties.
Eclectica (20 K)  March 6, 1999
Mark Pring
database of quotations
Russian servers software (56 K)  March 4, 1999
Nikolajus Savicius
Nick's Russian Servers Software Programs.
REM lyrics (49 K)  February 25, 1999
Mihaly Schubert
Complete collection of R.E.M. lyrics. (It contains the whole lyrics of all the songs ever distributed on an official LP and EP.)
Chicken Soup for the Soul (158 K)  February 7, 1999
Algimantas Litvinas
158 memorable stories from Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, co-authors of the New York Times best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series. I receive them daily for free by email subscription
Astro (199 K)  February 2, 1999
Rob van den Brink
Two astrology files: lists of astrological descriptions. Total 1752 cards.
Lyrics (112 K) February 1, 1999
Piotr Jankowski
Time-tag lyrics. Can be used with WinAmp plugin, to see lyric while listening mp3 file. Over 200 songs.
Saints and Sinners (249 K)  January 27, 1999
Algimantas Litvinas
137 stories, many interesting URLs. This file could be called a kind of small historical encyclopedia. I made it from my almost annual subscription materials from an email list. I hope you will like it :)
Programs (40 K)  January 20, 1999
Steve Mason
131 software collection - descriptions, URLs, etc.
Crafts (153 K)  January 13, 1999
Suzy-Q Lewis
Crafts, gifts, other goodies.
Pies (122 K) November 30, 1998
lil-Devil Alexis
400 pie recipes.
Business Letters (100 K) November 1, 1998
Sue Chastain
Over 300 business letter samples.
Songs (160 K) October 23, 1998
V. Ram Prasad
400 Song Lyrics Database.
German (11 K)  October 7, 1999
Dr. David J. Reimer
German/English wordlist of a grammar of biblical Hebrew.
RTF sample (53 K)   June 11, 1998

Rich text format (RTF) sample.

Quotations (97 K) May 12, 1998
Sample for testing larger cardfiles.

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